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New York Air Courier

Airplane over cityFor dependable air courier service throughout the U.S., choose Thruway Direct. Thruway Direct has a New York air courier service to meet your specific needs.

Thruway Direct brings over 32 years of experience in reliable and dependable delivery service throughout the United States. Air Courier service is available for all size and type packages. We also handle a wide variety of specialized delivery items such as home medical supplies, machine parts, computer tapes, printed matter and other crucial goods.

Thruway Direct maintains a fleet of cellular phone dispatched cars, wagons, vans and trucks of all kinds located strategically throughout the metropolitan area. Air courier delivery is based upon the availability of flights and the distance from the airport. Within the metropolitan region, Thruway Direct can pick up your package as late as 8:30 PM and make connection with courier hubs by 10:00 PM. International service is also available.

For additional information about our New York air courier service, call us at 800-352-6982 or contact us via our quick quote form.