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Courier Service New York City

As a New York courier service, our expertise is delivery today…not tomorrow. With more than 45 years of shipping experience and the willingness to upgrade and adapt to today's business needs, Thruway Direct is the NYC courier service of choice for hundreds of businesses in the NYC and NJ metropolitan region. From the largest of corporations to local, family run businesses, Thruway Direct provides professional, reliable delivery services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Try to name some other delivery companies in NYC where you will get that kind of professional service! As one of the best Messenger companies in New York City, we serve customers in the city, as well as New Jersey. Give us a call today for our shipping service.

When you think of a reliable delivery company in New York City, you can imagine how fast and proficient they must be. Delivery companies working with the Big Apple must be fast and furious, which is what makes us stand out amongst the other delivery companies in NYC. Our NYC courier service doesn’t believe in waiting for tomorrow. We will get you what you need today!

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  • Thruway Direct has provided me with local foot messengers in NY for many years. The deliveries are always on time and the price is right. Thanks.

  • John

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