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Stacked BoxesDo you need a short-term storage solution for your business? Thruway Direct has been providing short-term storage New York businesses have been depending on for nearly 50 years. Our short-term warehousing services provide your business with the extra space and people-power that boost your bottom line.

Our warehouses are strategically located throughout the New York metropolitan area, so when you are ready for your crucial goods to be delivered, the process is expedited and efficient. We also have a full fleet of trucks for your same day and rush delivery needs, so that you can combine our trucking and warehousing services for a turnkey solution for your business.

Direct Thruway Direct’s state-of-the-art warehouse features high ceilings, a load dock, drive-up access, sprinklers and an electronic alarmed system. Rest assured your products are safe in our storage facility. Short-term storage services are competitively-priced and flexible to meet your exact needs.

For our rates and additional information about short-term storage services, or to visit our facilities, call us at 800-352-6982 or Contact Us by filling out our quick quote form.